ewan and cristina

Clicks Convert founded by:  

Ewan Gilmour and Cristina Ballesteros

Ewan Gilmour

Ewan deals with the technical aspects of Clicks. Being a Physicist lends itself well to pushing the most out of adwords account stats. Ewan is adwords qualified and likes to think this area is his forte. Ewan is particularly keen on using Excel and the latest analytical tools. Starting his first online company in 1998 Ewan made the most of the dot com boom. Following this Ewan worked with adwords at the top digital agencies. Now he prefers to work on web strategy from beginning to end, thus allowing him to tweak websites and campaigns to perfection at every point of the way. 

Cristina Ballesteros

Since graduating with a Masters in Digital Marketing from Strathclyde university, Cristina has been working at the top levels of marketing. For over a decade, she has been boosting the campaigns of some of the most proliferous brands through content marketing, traditional marketing methods, social media marketing, and website design & optimisation. Cristina handles the social media promotion of our clients as well as traditional marketing collaboration. Cristina’s industry experience covers Ecommerce & Retail, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Professional Services.

We are sure you will find that we are dedicated and committed marketing professionals and your preferable marketing partners. We believe our integrated marketing approach is a winner.  For example, with keyword research:  We hold that keyword research is paramount to company success. So many times with more populous marketing agencies, the keyword research data from PPC does not get to those working on SEO and on to traditional marketing methods. If one keyword is working very well for you on google then why not allow your brand to be associated with with that phrase throughout all of its marketing activities.

Imagine the increase of business growth by adding to your company slogan this one phrase everyone is already searching for. Maybe you don’t want to change your slogan but we will give you that choice – we will make sure you are well versed in what keywords will work for your PPC, for your SEO and for your traditional marketing also.

We extend this philosophy of integration to every aspect of your promotional campaigns. We see your digital marketing as part of your overal marketing strategy and we can just as effectively help you with your traditional marketing activities. Employ us as your marketing consultants to develop your campaigns and guide you through the marketing jungle – it is our playground!

By employing us as your marketing partners, you get two of the best marketing brains on your team. We both contribute to every project in order to maximize the return on your investment. Between us we have broad experience of all industry sectors – so please get in touch today and employ us as your dedicated marketing coordinators and consultants.

We will work to any budget. No project is too small or too large.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Ewan and Cristina

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